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Tips for Attending Murder Mysteries

When I talk to people who have never attended a murder mystery event, I always get the same response from a few people, "I don't think I could do it. I'm too shy."  I respond to all of them the same way, "Murder mysteries are for everyone! Young and well aged, introvert and extrovert! It doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is if you want to have a good time and solve a mystery!" All the people that have said this to me and come to an event have not regretted it. 

Here is my list of tips that I have put together to help those of you who are considering going to a murder mystery event!

  • Before the event, your host will more than likely give you a character description. Use that character description to create your own persona. One you will be comfortable being at the event. Once you figure out how you will be comfortable playing your character (Without changing the main details you are given) find a costume to wear that you will be confident with. I have discovered the more you are comfortable with yourself and your character, the more fun you will be able to have at the event. Costumes are usually not required, but most of the time prizes are given for the best costume at the event and it makes it more fun for everyone. 
  • During the event, you will be given a character packet, with everything you will need throughout the game. Make sure you pay attention to what everything is and what it says. You don't want to open anything before it is time or you might reveal details that are not meant to be revealed till a later time. 
  • Read your character and round information BEFORE you begin talking with anyone at the event. Most of the time there will be details that you should reveal and details you should keep secret. You wouldn't want to reveal your secrets at the wrong time or to the wrong person.
  • The key to playing a murder mystery is to talk to people. The more people you talk to, the more details you will learn. Remember every character has different details to share. If you don't talk to everyone, you might miss out on pertinent details to solving the case. If you are shy and talking to a bunch of people is hard for you, you can eavesdrop on conversations. You can find out a lot of secrets and details just by listening in to other people. Just be careful not to get caught!
  • Please remember that murder mystery games are just that... a game. People will not necessarily be behaving in ways you expect. They will be playing characters with their own secret backgrounds, personalities and agendas. Somebody will probably be working against you, others may have been told to snub you or have been told lies about your character. Someone may seem to be really obnoxious and rude. Most likely that is the character they are playing and not at all their real personality. Please keep this in mind at all times and do not take anything personally - it is only a game!
  • Last but not least, ALLOW YOURSELF TO HAVE FUN! I have found that the more people just allow themselves to have fun and let loose, the more fun they have. Everyone is at the event to have a good time and solve the crime. They are not there to judge you. Remember as nervous as you might be at first, everyone is feeling the jitters.