When purchasing tickets please fill out the form for each individual guest so we can create a unique character for all guests. 


These are one of a kind events. No two events are the same and every event is hand crafted to be unique in design. As soon as a purchase is made, we begin creating a unique experience for that guest. You may cancel your purchase and receive a full refund if done within 72 hours of purchasing your ticket. After 72 hours of purchase, if you need to cancel you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued within a week of the event. In cases of illness or other issues that would keep you from attending the event, management reserves the right to transfer your ticket to another event. 

Murder in Oatman

Murder in Oatman
A Wild West Murder Mystery thriller!
Cost is $25 a ticket. Includes unique character, all gaming materials and souvenir photo.
This event is limited and spots will go fast so purchase your tickets in advance! 

Let us take you back in time to the Wild West! To 1915 in Oatman, Arizona! Join us as we bring together outlaws, town folk, hired guns, the law, traveling performers and many others for an evening of mystery and fun!

This is a murder mystery event. There are no professional actors, just you and your fellow guests! You work together, sharing clues and information to solve a murder that takes place during the event. One of you will be the victim and one of you will be the murderer! Do you have the detective skills to solve the crime and become our Super Sleuth?!

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Color War Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt

J&J Mystery Events presents the Color Wars!

Everyone 21 & up is invited to join us for this event, we will NOT limit registration. 

Who: Teams of 2-6 people. Cost is $12 per person
What: Crawl your way through bars in Laughlin and complete tasks and find hidden objects. 
Where: Casino Dr. Laughlin, NV
When: April 14, 2018 at 5:00PM (Laughlin Time)
Why: To have fun!

When you register, your team will be given a color. Your team will then work with another team of the same color against other teams with different colors! This means more prizes and better chances of winning! We will limit the number of teams with the same color to 2. Your team then only has to compete against 8 other color groups instead of all the teams! For example: 2 blue teams would work together to compete against 2 red, 2 green, 2 orange, and 2 purple teams. Then your group is only competing against 8 other teams instead of all the teams.(Color selection will be random)

There will also be staggered start times for this event. We will determine start time based on the order than teams registered. For example, the first 10 teams that register get to start at 5:00pm. The next 10 teams at 5:05pm, the next at 5:10pm, etc. So register early!

There will be more prizes and more opportunities to win than ever! You may have noticed that the cost for this event increased by $2 and that is because we want to offer a large grand prize to the best overall team. The best team will receive $2 of every ticket sold! The best team will be determined by overall points earned from the scavenger hunt as well as votes from J&J and a few key people along the route, as well as the "humanitarian" vote from all teams. The top 5 teams to earn points will be eligible for this award. However, we still want this to be a fun and friendly competition, so if there are issues with cheating or fighting your team will be disqualified from being eligible to receive the grand prize.

This is one hunt you won't want to miss. It will be our largest hunt ever with the largest prizes yet!

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Murder of a Millionaire

Join us for another fun murder mystery event at Lisa's Bistro!

Your presence is requested at the Celebration of Life for the late millionaire Benjamin Jetson. In his final wishes, he wanted a party thrown in his honor with all his friends invited.Everyone who is anyone will be at the event and you can bet they will be dressed to the nines! But be careful when you accept your invite to the party. On one hand, you might walk away with a large inheritance, but on the other hand...you might not walk away at all.

**This is a murder mystery event. Not a production. We do not hire actors. Every guest is a character. A guest will be the victim, murderer, and all guests are detectives who try and solve the case!**

$40 includes unique character, all murder mystery materials, and a dinner buffet.

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Murder at the Hangar Luau

Joins us poolside for a murder mystery at Hangar24! The guest list is limited so reserve your spots today!

Hangar24 is hosting their annual luau poolside! Exciting Polynesian spirit will fill the air as guests are greeted with festive Hawaiian leis. Start the evening right with some delicious food and a fun game of limbo, but it will soon become apparent that some guests don't get along and others are hiding scandalous secrets! By the end of the night someone will be murdered and you will have to work together with the other guests to solve the case!

**This is not a production. All guests are part of the event. Guests are the victim, murderer, and detectives!**

$45 per person includes a unique character, all murder mystery materials, and dinner buffet.

Guests are welcome to use the pool!

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All American Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt

Gather your team of up to 6 people and join us for a bar crawl scavenger hunt through Laughlin. 

The theme this month is All American! Pick a team name and dress in your best patriotic attire! The more creative, the better your chance of winning the best costumes and most team spirit awards!

Solve riddles, find hidden objects, and complete funny tasks to try and win! The team that collects the most points during the event will be the winner!

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